Splat! - Yeah The Dum Dum
7" EP - released 1983

Yeah The Dum Dum Bookface
Biggles Bloodbath

Recorded at Cargo Studios, Rochdale on 4/6/1983, mixed 9/6/1983

Arranged, produced and played by Splat! (Allsopp / Grebby / Parsons / Walker)

Dave Parsons was the singer in Splat, and also the runner of the Ron Johnson label. Apart from the odd interview in Sounds, no-one really gave a fuck who they were. Comes across now like how the Birthday Party would have sounded had they come from Derby. A good start.

Got my copy when Richie out of the Stretchheads found it in Rat Records in Glasgow and decided he didn't need a third copy. Cheers, guv.