The Shrubs - Full Steam Into The Brainstorm
12" mini-LP released 1986

Carbreaker Dead Teachers
Warm Sea Black Saloons The Dealer Bullfighter

Recorded at Cold Storage, April 1986, produced by Chris Gary, Engineered by Bill Gilonis

Nick Hobbs (vocals), John Bentley (drums), Mick Ricketts (guitar), Julian Hutton (guitar), Steve Brockway (bass)

The first record by The Shrubs. It says something about the loopiness of the era that a record so manifestly unlistenable to today's indie-kids should be championed by the music press and spawn shit-loads of column inches, full page interviews in the NME.

Warm Sea couldn't fail to make you move. Dead Teachers is madness. Bullfighter turned up as Bullfighters' Bones on the NME C86 cassette.