The Ex - Too Many Cowboys
12" double LP released 1987

Red & Black White Shirts Adversity People Again Knock Hands Up You're Free Butter Or Bombs Ignorance Dumbo How Can One Sell The Air Business as Usual Olympigs Choice A Job / Stupid Oops No Fear Vivisection A Piece Of Paper They Shall Not Pass Pigjump

recorded live in October 1986 in various Dutch venues

A sprawling double live-LP, as I said before it doesn't really do their live show justice. They probably are the best live band I ever saw, and this isn't the best LP I own :>

It came with two newspapers full of really good stuff and a big lyric sheet. Both have sadly perished in the 12 years since I bought it.

Adversity is a Chumbawamba song. Puts some perspective on things, doesn't it.