Jackdaw With Crowbar - Hot Air
12" LP released 1988

Travesty Of Crow Banjoid Festi Sultan Of Pickle Son Of Bran Scrape New Right Wing Turkey Shoot Iceberg Amarillo Stomach Pump Sailor Soul Survivor F.U.S.A

we have a line-up: Fergus Durrant, Tim Ellis, Dan Morrison, Dave Tibbatts. Art: Fran Juckes, Adam Sindall, Steve Law.

recorded at Red Spot studios.

a brilliant LP, taking up where the Iceberg EP left off.

It's all good. Not really a weak moment on it.

They went on to do an LP called "Hanging In The Balance" I think on an Italian label - for some reason they seemed to do a lot of gigs there. Wasn't nearly as good as this, though.